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Welcome to the banana monarchy of Australia where over-taxing and over regulation by local, state and federal governments is turning ordinary Australians back into convicts and slaves

"At last we have found something where Australia is leading the world: permits, rules and fees, not required to solve a problem, but to satisfy a bureaucracy's urge." Jim Darley

The Smokeless Tobacco Prohibition (Snuff and chew)

Smokeless tobacco is 100% safer for your lungs than smoking tobacco.

UPDATED 13/02/2009

Smokeless Tobacco Prohibition to be rolled back, but is prohibitively expensive due to exorbitant  Customs import tariffs (fees) on chewing tobacco. This in turn has resulted in a "black market" trade in products of questionable quality.

The spirit of "Duty on imports" is to protect local growers and manufacturers.  But, (Catch 22) it is illegal to grow, manufacture or even sell these products locally!

My personal experience with smokeless tobacco dates back 35 years, to this day I have no ill health effects directly attributable to to using smokeless tobacco.  For a period of time I had bronchitis due to adopting smoking the available tobacco because of a ban by the Australian government.  To this day I have not received any compensation for this but instead am forced to pay an unethical and illegal import duty on safe smokeless products.

Other countries recognize smokeless oral tobacco to be a safe alternative to smoking tobacco and impose little to no tariffs. 

Should Australia lift its ban on low nitrosamine smokeless tobacco products?

Those people switching to smoking tobacco from smokeless products, experiencing respiratory complains, have been defrauded or who have been involved in an accident attributable to smokeless tobacco (nicotine) withdrawal please contact us for inclusion in the Class Action against the  bureaucrats responsible for this damage at: 

For Smokers Only - How Smokeless Tobacco Can Save Your Life available from:

 Dr. Rodu
University of Alabama
1530 3rd Ave, SDB 81
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Fine Product Distributors:

The Gatlin-Burlier

Samuel Gawith & Co Ltd.

 Pipe Tobacco COM

Moist snuff dot com

The Northern (Sweden) 


The Swedish Match Company

Little Brown Smoke Shack  (now shipping via US air mail every Thursday to Australia)


Oregon Mint Snuff Company

Tobacco for Less

Mabton Smoke Shop (Germany....the smokeless tobacco webring)

Preface to the prohibition imposed in December 1999

SNUFF and CHEWING TOBACCO (smokeless tobacco or ST) in Australia, brands such as Redman©, GÖteborgs Rapé©, Copenhagen©, Skoal© and Oliver Twist© and many more have been removed from the shelves and now suffer a total prohibition of import under amended Customs Regulations Schedule 12 4U Item 5.

To add  insult and injury to the Australian Labor Parties ban on sale, the present Liberal Government has amended the regulations to a total prohibition on smokeless tobacco for oral use. 

This pro-tobacco site is devoted to having this legislation struck from the books and dispelling the myths and mis-information disseminated by the extremist anti-tobacco lobby.  God gave us tobacco, it is up to the individual on how to use it. 

Who Uses Snuff?

"In industries where dust or chemicals in the air make smoking dangerous, snuff is used as an alternative to a cigarette or pipe. Stockmen/women, sportsmen/women, welders, oil field workers and athletes traditionally use smokeless.  In today's society where more and more places are becoming non-smoking, snuff can be used to give the same stimulating effect. Snuff taking is the cleanest way to take tobacco; there are no cigarette ends, no ash, and no pipe dottles to dispose of and no smoke to annoy other people."

Debunking government claims:

           Electron Microscopy

            Speed Cameras

Death of Democracy

Liberty Australia

"Unfortunately, it is also an impediment to research in Australia, but facilitating research has not been a consideration in Australia for many years now. Governments have found it convenient to collect taxes under the guise of fees and permits. "User Pays" is nonsensical when there is no demonstrable utility for a particular service. Not truly required, but demanded "services" are an impediment to industry and commerce. They are one of many reasons why Australia is becoming less competitive despite the low value of the A$. It is a common failure of Governments that "civil servants" can freely invent "requirements" and charge usurious fees for any services." Jim Darley ProSciTech

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where applicable full reprints of these articles are available from the publisher noted in each abstract

Copyrighted Peer Reviewed Journal Articles requiring reprints: (request from your local library or email me)

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These pages are for information only. 

I do not endorse any particular smokeless tobacco product (they are all good) or vendor nor do I advocate the use of such products but I do enjoy using them, I am not affiliated with any political organization and do not financially benefit from the sale of any material described at this site.  Smokeless tobacco is not 100% safe, but then nothing is.
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